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Earth Fell on My Sentences

Ulrike Juza

Ulrike Juza was born on Christmas Day 1967 in the Austrian Alps. As a girl growing up in a Catholic family she believed: since I was born on the same day as Jesus, I, too, will have to die on Good Friday at the age of 33. Later , while working as a copywriter for advertising agencies in Vienna, she noticed that she had "survived" that deadline. She quit her jobs in order to see what else life had in store for her. In 2010 she stepped out the door and traveled around the world with almost nothing but an open heart. Today she is a free writer. With her words she wants to encourage people to follow their hearts and truth. She practices the Feldenkrais method and Hawaiian traditional healing massage, and is also involved in rites of passage work. Ulrike lives in Vienna, Montreal, and other places on the Earth.

Book by Ulrike Juza