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The Four Shields of Human Nature: A Teaching DVD

Steven Foster

"Steven Foster, the most prominent teacher, scholar and author on using wilderness for personal growth through rites of passage and modern day vision questing, passed away on May 6, 2003, at age 64 from a genetic lung disorder. A former English and Humanities Professor, Dr. Foster left academia in the early 1970s to seek a more meaningful life. Ultimately, in 1976 he and his wife, Meredith Little, founded a non-profit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area called "Rites of Passage", to take "at risk" youth on modern-day wilderness vision quests to celebrate their passage from childhood to adulthood.

In 1982, Steven and Meredith moved to Big Pine, California and founded The School of Lost Borders to focus on training rites of passage and wilderness vision quest guides, and Lost Borders Press to publish their work. Since then they trained more than 1,000 individuals from all over the world in diverse skills related to wilderness vision questing and rites of passage in nature, and impacted thousands more through the subsequent efforts of their trainees. . . . Lost Border's courses increasingly drew international participants, and Steven and Meredith were invited to teach in many other countries - their last international presentation was at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. . . ." (excerpt from John C. Hendee, Editor in Chief, in the International Journal of Wilderness, vol 9, no. 2).

Steven was also a poet and song writer, banjo player, flint knapper, basket maker, son, husband, father, grandfather, and grizzled veteran of countless forays into the deserts and mountains near his home in the Eastern Sierra. He was no stranger to solitude, hardship, exposure, and the desert wilderness.

Only light can make a tree
and light can make a bone
Mother light gave birth to me
and light will take me home.
-- Steven, December 2002

Book by Steven Foster