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The Final Crossing: Learning to Die in Order to Live

Dr. Scott Eberle

Dr. Scott Eberle is a physician specializing in end-of-life care, and the medical director for Hospice of Petaluma in his hometown of Petaluma, California. Having first learned the science of medicine at U.C. San Francisco medical school, he then learned the art of medicine from countless people living and dying with AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s. He survived this difficult time by regularly seeking sanctuary, either in monasteries or in the natural world, completing over 150 retreats during a 15-year period. He recently ended a 16-year career as an AIDS specialist so he could focus his energies on hospice work, writing, and the wilderness work he does with the School of Lost Borders. As he has written in his book, The Final Crossing: "So now I am a physician who specializes in supporting life transitions. I am a hospice doctor who sits with the dying in their homes, and I am a rite-of-passage guide who sits with 'the dying' out in the desert."

Book by Dr. Scott Eberle