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Four Shields: The Initiatory Seasons of Human Nature

Four Shields: The Initiatory Seasons of Human Nature

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$ 19.95

A modern classic of practical eco-therapy. Wholistically defines a very old, startlingly contemporary therapeutic paradigm for self-healing in a natural setting. The four faces of human nature, the wheel as initiatory path, the rites of the summer, fall, winter, and spring shields, the initiatory experience, passage as season, the mirror of the elders, shield dynamics. Overflowing with true life stories of healing in nature. If you’re looking for the flesh and blood — as well as the bones — of a radical new form of “therapy,” you will find it here. Unique, unprecedented, spacious, insightful, wise, practical, lyrical, gently humorous evocation of the true nature of “human.” A book tailored to fit the hunger of the 21st century for healing in the wilderness. A psychological paradigm of great value to ecologists, anthropologists, ministers, wilderness guides, and professionals in the health and helping fields. The drawings of James Wright add interpretive luster to a comprehensive, multidimensional text.

“Your work represents to us, not the stories of transcendental asceticism or evolutionary scientism, but the heart rendering story of entering the dark vortex, at the end of time, from which the cosmic light of the next cycle will spin out again.” – Robert Lawlor and Johana Lambert, Voices of the First Day and Wise Women of the Dreamtime

“Are we lost or have we been here before? In this book we find guidance we can trust, schooled by the tracks of our ancestors, the changing light, and the wheeling of the seasons. Steven and Meredith are worthy representatives of the Old Ones. Listen well!” – Elias Amidon and Elizabeth Roberts, Earth Prayers

“The great summons of our time is to find our way home to our true nature in the living body of Earth. For that journey Steven and Meredith are most trustworthy guides. For all who have walked with them, and especially for those who have not, the publication of this book is cause for grateful celebration.” – Joanna Macy, author and teacher

Includes illustrations by James Wright
Cover art by Emerald North