Lost Borders Press publishes from “the country of lost borders,” the old Paiute Indian name for the Owens Valley, one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on earth. We invite you to wander this country within the covers of our books.

You too may lose your borders.

The Press was created, and its publications are offered, to support the growing number of youth and adults looking for meaningful ways to move from one life stage to another: child to adult, single to married, adult to elder, and the greatest change of all, living into the unknown of dying. Crossing borders. Losing borders. Living and dying more consciously in the same cycles of renewal which are expressed daily, and elegantly, in the natural world around us.

Here are stories and teachings that lead us beyond the borders of our technological paradigm. We seek to find ourselves in a world where human and nature are one, sacred is not separate from our daily lives and struggles, and where the yearning for wholeness leads us toward compassion and passion for each other and this precious land that sustains us.

Lost Borders Press does this in support of the growing number of other truly fine trainers and guides around the world. These people have committed their lives to “midwifing” youth and adults through the death-and-rebirth of meaningful wilderness passage rites.

Lost Borders Press is owned and operated by Meredith Little and Selene Foster, with the help of Zorra the Wonder Dog.