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Marley Rides

Marley Rides



$ 20.00

“They gave me six months to live, and I gave ’em three and a half years of living.”
– Marley Jacob Pratt (1985-2003)

This story is not just about a young cowboy who contracted terminal lung cancer at the age of 15.

It is not just about his family.
It is about a network of people who changed the life and death of a boy, and who were courageous enough to be changed by him.

Marley Jacob Pratt was told he was one of the youngest on record to have squamous lung cancer, and that it would likely kill him before he turned 16. Marley’s objective was to prove the doctors wrong by packing in as much living as possible.

This story focuses on how Marley learned to ride the waves of life and death. But in truth, this story is about all of us. We will all encounter adversity. We will all face death, and the challenge we all face is how to live well.

Narrated by his mother, Marley Rides also contains e-mails sent to the ever-growing number of people who became part of “Marley’s Network,” and stories by a variety of people affected by this strange young man. The unusual format of Marley Rides includes over 100 photographs and quotes, and is designed to make readers of all ages and backgrounds feel the intensity of the joy and pain life offers us all.

Marley is gone but his story lives on.