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Kit Fox Blues

Kit Fox Blues



$ 14.00

Jack Crimmins weaves together the music of the city streets and the urgent fragile sounds of wilderness. He takes us home to his life in the California desert, or the heart of its northern woods. Or ranges the planet to sing the death of an Irish revolutionary in Dublin, or visit a hashish dealer in Spain. In his poems Northampton and Death Valley are both exotic, both familiar.

The poet is a travelor – a nomad some say. Jack Crimmins brings us along on the journeys of his generous spirit to dance with Jack Micheline, talk with Mark di Suvero and Peter Forakis, or weave shining webs of song and prayer that stretch from hidden, ancient canyons, to a dying friend, to the stars. He is himself, as he writes of Philip Lamantia, a “blue singer of road.”

— Diane di Prima

Jack has donated 100 copies of his new book to Lost Borders Press, all proceeds going to the Steven Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund.