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Earth Dreams: Finding Light in Shadow

Earth Dreams: Finding Light in Shadow


$ 14.00

From the wilds of Utah through the wilderness of self, Earth Dreams chronicles the true story of a vision quest – three days and nights spent alone in a remote Utah canyon – and the gradual unfolding of one woman’s ordinary, extraordinary life. Written with beauty and humor, Earth Dreams is both travel-adventure journal and spiritual odyssey. It is a reminder that the everyday is rich in miracles and meaning, that Fear can and must be faced, and that the Earth is both home and teacher. Most of all, however, Earth Dreams is an inspiring call to each of us to explore the deepest, darkest, lightest recesses of ourselves – what Carl Jung referred to as the shadow – and in so doing to find self-love, wholeness, passion and purpose.

“Earth Dreams taught me about myself, about how I deal with memory, and about the relationship between memory and enlightenment. Bless you for this wonderful work.” — Steven Foster, co-founder, The School of Lost Borders.

“A heroic story of one woman’s journey through shadow into light”. — Robert Johnson, Owning Your Own Shadow.